Business Ideas to Start with Small Personal Loans

Collating a start-up business capital is difficult as who would want to invest in a small business. Local lenders might support a start-up but definitely at a high rate of interest. Now, a business where revenue is unpredictable, taking a loan with high interest is not a good idea. This will only make repayment of EMIs difficult every month. Hence, it is wise to rely on instant personal loan apps such as Simply Cash to avail small cash loans for a start-up venture.


There are a variety of trending business ideas both online and offline that one can start with small personal loans. Look for a business that demands less investment and gives more revenue. During the COVID19 times, many have suffered financial setbacks and starting a new business with small personal loan is a good step to restart. Let’s see the available business ideas to start with small personal loans:


Start Blogging to generate income. The Internet has opened several pathways to start ventures online. Blogging is a part of digital marketing and has a high demand to improve website ranking on search engines. Create your own blog or write blogs for companies. Use your small cash loan as an investment to become a sponsored blogger.


Manage Financial Accounts from your comfort zone. If you are good with numbers, assist businessmen to keep their finances in order. Accounting, book-keeping, salary management etc. can be managed for a professional fee every month.


Repair of Laptops and Computers is a good business idea that can be considered with small personal loans. These gadgets are essential daily for work, education and recreational purposes. Also, modifying and upgrading of used laptops has captured a huge market. Invest in the right tools and repair kit that supports your electronic repair work.


Deal in Personal Security Systems like CCTV cameras. Installation of surveillance products improves the security of various premises. Whether office or home, CCTV cameras are much needed for safety reasons. Hence, people don’t hesitate to invest in installing surveillance products. It is a highly profitable business that one can start on a small scale.


Baking Services from Home is an interesting business idea with minimal investment. Advertise your range of bakery products on social media platforms and get orders throughout the year. Cookies, cakes, waffles, jar cakes, pastries and more! Promote well with mouth-watering pictures to gain maximum publicity of your business.


Specialised Coaching Sessions is the need of the hour. This is a great business idea to start with small cash loan. With SSC, ICSE and CBSE boards, there is a lot of pressure on the children to sustain academic brilliance at different levels. This requires private tutors to simplify the subjects, develop skills and encourage self-learning.


Salon Services can help you to earn immediately with low investment. Even if you don’t have a place to set up a salon, the beauty services can be given at the customer’s comfort in their home. Who will not love a timely hair cut or a relaxing massage at home!


So, you see you can do so much with a small budget business plan. Expand your vision, work on your business idea, hit the right target customers and take off your new venture that has started small but will definitely go a long way.

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