How much Loan can I get on 35000 Salary

We all have dreams and aspirations, for which we work hard every day. More than half of the day is dedicated in achieving work targets. At last, a good salary in hand makes all the efforts worthwhile. Holding a salary of 35,000 is a good figure when it comes to a personal loan. Besides daily expenses, there are emergency situations also that demand urgent cash. Instant Cash Loans offers great financial support in times of financial crisis.
Borrowers can calculate the maximum loan amount using the monthly salary criteria that each one earns. An individual earning 35,000 monthly salary is eligible for personal loanwithout a doubt. Besides the range of salary, approval of loan amount depends on factors like age, income, monthly expenses, income stability, credit score and credit history.
With smart phones on the go, instant personal loan apps have been widely accepted for easy loan application in minutes. If you are earning 35,000 per month and want to know the EMI for your personal loan, use the EMI calculator available on the loan apps and websites. EMI calculators give 100% accurate results in seconds.
What are the Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan with 35000 Salary?
The monthly income of a person is significant when it comes to personal loan eligibility. Different lenders have different criteria for personal loans. For a personal loan application with 35,000 salary, fulfil the below eligibility criteria:
  • Proof of Indian citizenship
  • Six months bank statement and salary slip as income proofs
  • Age eligibility criteria of an applicant ranges between 21-58 years
  • You should be either salaried or self-employed individual/ businessman
  • You should be working in/with either private or public sector
  • Your credit history should meet the criteria set by the lender. Credit score may vary as different lenders set different bars as per their standards.
There are a set of mandatory documents required along with the eligibility criteria for a loan approval with 35,000 salary or more:
  • Standard KYC documents - Aadhar card, Driver’s license, PAN card, Passport
  • Income documents – recent salary slips for salaried individuals and bank statement for self employed
Simply Cash is an instant personal loan app powered by HeroFinCorp. It is specifically designed to provide easy instant loan between Rs.50,000-1,50,000. The amount is easily available within minutes of approval. The procedure for availing instant loan amount involves paperless documentation and real-time verification. Once verified and approved, disbursal is done within 48hours.
Irrespective of the salary slab, the Simply Cash app gives loan seekers the freedom to apply for different types of loans such as vacation loan, education loan, consumer loan, home renovation loan, medical loan etc. It gives you a choice to select your preferred loan type. Individuals with a minimum monthly income of INR 15,000 or borrowers applying for first personal loan can also apply for a personal loan on Simply Cash.

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