Personal Loan Without Documents

The fintech companies in India have made financial services more efficient with the integration of finance and technology in one platform. Also, unforeseen events, such as demonetization and the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, encouraged online transactions more than ever. A personal loan is one aspect of financial services that have benefited many individuals with instant monetary help over the years. Gone are the days when borrowers personally went to the bank for submitting a loan application. Thanks to the digital era, there are a variety of instant loan apps helping with a personal loan without documents.

Simply Cash is a new age instant loan app by HeroFinCorp, enabling personal loan application without documents. The Simply Cash personal loan app is hassle-free and encourages paperless way of document verification.

The mandatory documents include:
  • Aadhaar Card Number, a Mobile number linked to Aadhaar, Pan Card number and Bank Account details.
  • Address Proof -Smart Card Driving license/Aadhaar / Scheduled bank statements
  • 6 months’ bank statement
  • Internet banking information
  • Proof of business or employment –the name of the company, work experience in the same job/business
  • Good credit score to confirm the loan repayment ability
Go the paperless way of the personal loan application and avoid time-consuming procedures of personally visiting the bank or finance companies.

Why Go for Personal Loan without Documents?

A paperless personal loan is an online activity that takes place between the lender and the borrower through digital lending platforms. No more collation and filing of photocopies required make the most of paperless personal loans that do not demand any physical documents. Here are the advantages of the personal loan without documents:
  • Keeps Information Secured: Personal loan apps can be trusted with sharing personal information because strict security protocols are applied that keeps your personal data safe.
  • Quick Process: When there is no paperwork involved, the time for loan approval is no more time-consuming. Personal loan without documents increases the processing speed, which results in a quick approval of personal loans.
  • Zero paper bulk: Borrowers can be at ease with paperless documentation procedure while applying for a loan. The online documents verification has reduced carrying of bulky files and folders consisting of loan-related forms, personal documents and professional papers.
  • Eliminates Personal Visits: No more repetitive visits of loan representatives at home and office. The required loan assistance is mostly provided online or on call. Personal loan apps have simplified common man’s life by eliminating lengthy paperwork that otherwise increased the approval time for loans.
Maintaining a good relationship with your lender also gives an advantage of availing loans without documents like PAN card. The maximum loan amount sanctioned without a PAN card is Rs. 50,000 (not available at SimplyCash).

How Can YouApply for Personal Loan without Documents using Simply Cash?

Download the Simply Cash freely from Google Play Store and begin the online personal loan application without documents:
  1. Register your mobile number linked to Aadhar card or enter an email ID to receive an OTP number for verification.

  2. Enter your Aadhar card number or smart card driving license
  1. Select the loan amount and tenure through loan EMI calculator
  1. Lastly, fill in your personal, financial and occupational details through digitized KYC documents, verified in real-time.
  1. Out of the listed banks, select your bank and enter account details in which you want the loan amount to get disbursed.

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