What is the Process for Personal Loan

The process of personal loan is easy thanks to the online application facility and paperless documentation available on lender websites and instant loan applications. A personal loan is easy to acquire and faster to process than any other retail loan. If the applicant is found eligible, the financial institution will directly disburse the loan amount in the given bank account of the applicant. Besides applying for a personal loan online, you can also opt for giving loan applications through email and phone banking requests or at the customer service desk personally.

The most important thing for the approval of the personal loan is maintaining a good credit score. Also, ensure that you provide all the documents sought by the lender. All personal loans get approved quickly, whether it is a medical  loan, a vehicle loan, an education loan or a consumer durable loan through an online loan process.

Follow the general steps below to know the process of acquiring a personal loan on an immediate basis:
  1. Install an instant personal loan app or visit the finance provider’s website
  2. Register to create an account
  3. Fill in the loan application details
  4. Select the loan amount, tenure and interest
  5. Set a suitable EMI
  6. Fill in KYC details and submit for verification
  7. Laon will be disbursed in the chosen bank account
Download the Simply Cash app through Google Play Store to get an instant cash flow up to 1.5 lakh at the tip of your finger. Simply Cash follows the easy process of loan application and disbursal:
  1. Register your mobile number  linked to Aadhar card or enter an email ID to receive an OTP number for verification.
  2. Enter your area pin code after registration
  1. Enter your Aadhar card number or smart card driving license
  1. Select the loan amount and tenure through loan EMI calculator
  1. Lastly, fill in your personal, financial and occupational details through digitized KYC documents, verified in real-time.
  1. Out of the listed banks, select your bank and enter account details in which you want the loan amount to get disbursed.
If you have limited access to online services, it is best to enquire about personal loans the traditional way. It requires a bit of an effort to apply for a loan offline, but the disbursal of the loan amount is promised on verification of the eligibility criteria.The maximum given age limit is 21-58 years for salaried and 21-65 years for self-employed individuals, respectively.


Q.1 What is the loan approval process?
A: A loan approval process helps the applicants to know how should one apply for a loan, step-wise and with the right set of documents.

Q.2 What is the procedure for a personal loan?
A: The personal loan procedure is much faster than other loans.
  • Start with registering at the lender’s website for a personal loan
  • Fill in the application form
  • Select the loan amount, tenure and interest rate
  • Equate a suitable EMI using the EMI calculator
  • Submit details in the KYC documents for verification
  • After real-time verification, the loan amount will be disbursed in your bank account
Q.3 What are the steps involved in the loan process? 
A: Loan process involves a few easy steps:

Step1: Fill in the Loan Application Form

Step2: Enter the desired loan amount

Step3: Submit the required documents for approval

Step4: Loan amount credited in the bank account
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