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Personal Loan in Chennai

Chennai an urban city and one of the largest economic centres in south India is a shelter to many booming industries. There are many employment opportunities and business expansion prospects for residents in Chennai. Whether in Chennai or any other city in India, everyone goes through a rough phase where financial emergencies occur anytime in life. If you don’t have savings or any back up plans for supporting the financial urgency, personal loan is the safest option to choose. Personal loans in Chennai start at least from Rs. 15,000 and go higher up to Rs. 1,50,000.

Personal Loan application in Chennai is easy through instant loan apps downloaded in smart phones. The time taken for loan application, documentation and approval is less as compared to physically going for personal loan request. Simply Cash is a reliable personal loan app best suggested for instant loan within 24 to 48 hours. Living in a metropolitan city like Chennai, going the digital way to acquire personal loan is the smartest way.

Personal Loan Interest Rates in Chennai

The interest rates on personal loan varies from different financial firms. The lowest rate of interest rate on a personal loan in Chennai is 10.40%. Employees working in IT companies of Chennai get an advantage of a low interest rate. You can get a low interest rate if your credit history is excellent. A minimum amount of processing fee is attached to the loan procedures above the interest rate.

Feature and Benefits of Personal Loan in Chennai

Digital Process

As the literacy rate is high in Chennai, borrowers find it easy to access instant loan apps to apply for personal loan. Simply Cash being a totally digital platform takes less time for personal loan application and related procedures.

Know the EMI

The automated EMI calculator helps borrowers to accurately calculate the estimated EMI in minutes. Loan amount, interest rate and tenure of loan are three basic variables to calculate an EMI. The EMI calculator flexibly allows these variables to be changed using the slider to derive a suitable EMI.

Flexible Tenure

The loan tenure ranging from 6 to 24 months enables repayment of EMIs easily, with no burden of a heavy amount to be repaid at once.

Paperless Documentation

The need for physical documents is eliminated since the instant loan apps got accepted. Document submission has become hassle free with only KYC details required for authentication.


Personal details, mandatory documents and income proofs submitted for personal loan verification are kept confidential to preserve the security of the borrowers. Hence, it is advisable to use a reliable instant loan app such as Simply Cash.

How to Apply For Personal Loan in Chennai

It is easy to access and apply for personal loan in Chennai with few simple steps:
  • 1. Download an authentic personal loan app from Google Play Store
  • 2. Register/Login with your email id or mobile number
  • 3. Locate the loan application form and fill the mandatory fields
  • 4. Select the required loan amount, tenure and EMI via the EMI calculator
  • 5. Upload soft copies of KYC documents and income proofs
  • 6. Wait for verification of loan application and documents
  • 7. Once approved, disbursal is done in 24 hours

Documents Required and Eligibility Criteria

Borrowers in Chennai should confirm the eligibility criteria to avoid loan rejection in any case

  • 1 Borrower must be a citizen of India
  • 2 Borrower must be working in/with either private or public sector
  • 3 Borrower must fall in an age group of 21 to 58 years
  • 4Borrower must earn at least 15,000 per month
  • 5Standard KYC documents - Aadhar card, Driver’s licence, PAN card, Passport
  • 6Income documents – recent salary slips for salaried individuals and bank statement for self employed

Hence, loan seekers and borrowers in Chennai, consider downloading the smart Simply Cash instant loan app to ease off the personal loan procedure. Fulfil your financial emergencies, dreams and goals with easy to avail personal loan.



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